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After pay, contact with support for start date.


ETA: ~ 4 weeks depending on server population, selected class and orders you place.

If you want less price choose 45 days.

And if you want speed up Choose from "Powerleveling Speed" button.


Mage -3 days early delivery.

Rogue 5 days late delivery.

Warrior 5 days late delivery


Additional options:

  • 300% weapon skill includes raising 1 weapon skill to the maximum level (f.e. 2-handed swords)
  • 60% mount - we will learn 60% riding skill and buy you 1 mount (please NOTE that this service requires at least 50 lvl chosen, otherwise, it will be swapped into additional levels)

-PowerLeveling 1 to 60-

€300.00 Regular Price
€150.00Sale Price
Starting Level
Target Level
PowerLeveling Speed
  • Attention!


    Classic leveling service we offer is done exclusively in Pilot mode.

    This means it is done by one of our experienced team members using your account to play and level up your desired character. We, of course, always use VPN as we're most sensitive about account safety and always strive to keep everything safe and secure.

    However, there is always that tiny chance of risk of getting suspended by the moderators, forcing you to wait to be able to play again.

    Our team member, the Pilot, needs full access to your account during the leveling process.

    For your own account's safety, we recommend that you do NOT log in at any point in time until you receive a confirmation that the leveling process is done. Otherwise, you risk the chance of getting suspended due to the fact the same account has been logged from different computers.

    Also, do NOT give any information regarding your security question to anyone. That way, the safety of your account remains in your hands.

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